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Monday, December 7, 2009

Small Triptych

These are small (7 x 9" each) but I think I will frame them all together as one piece. I was worried they are maybe a little too "precious" but I really enjoyed painting them because it is a little different subject matter for me. I think they turned out nice. Let's hope someone else loves them with some money in their wallet....
I worked from photos of my own kidlets and invented the clothing and hair.....can you tell?

Friday, November 13, 2009

'Elusive Satiation'

I loved all of the comments on the last post. I should ask your opinion before I title the paintings. The title I settled on is 'Elusive Satiation'.

Always searching for the feeling of completion and total contentment. I was definitely thinking about my role as a mother and contemplating the option of another child, the ramifications, and blessings of another little personality entering the mix. I hadn't thought about the idea of holding my babies close and reluctantly allowing them to grow up, but i like the imagery. I found those little antique dolls at a great little antique shop in Logan and I was immediately inspired and excited to start introducing them into my paintings. My own little shadows were also excited to be represented.

My sister Amanda took this photo of shadow #2. I love the photos she takes of Naomi. Somehow she captures this side of her, her thoughtful, wise-beyond-her-years side. This is from the day we spent this summer with my twin little sisters in their summer abode in Coco Lala, northern Idaho. We made some memories that we will always treasure! Thanks Amanda!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Newest Painting

I want to know what you think I was thinking about. I am not even going to tell you the title.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yummiest Cake

If you are looking for a easy and unique (semi-fancy) dessert for dinner tonight or maybe for your wedding next week, look no further. This Swedish Almond cake has been to so many of our family parties, everyone is claiming it as their own invention. We shamelessly stole it from my cousin Shauna who is an amazing naturally talented cook. I served it to book club who asked me to post it maybe 3 months ago (sorry but thanks for the reminder Amanda) and then my other cousin and I made a zillion for a family wedding last month. And I still could eat an entire sheet pan. Who couldn't? And don't be dismayed by all the butter on the counter. Our cakes served at least a dozen guests.....ok hundreds.
I suggest you make this cake one of your go-to memorized recipes to impress your mother-in-law next time you are staying at her house. Tell her you will whip something up for dessert. Then use no notes and say you just thought of it or tasted it at a little Swedish cafe and wanted to try it yourself. I swear I am going to do that. Start memorizing. Your sneaky little secret is safe with me.

Swedish Almond Cake:
1 c flour
1 c sugar
1 stick butter, melted
1 t. almond extract
2 eggs

Mix together. Pour into a regular pie tin. 350 degrees for 30 minutes. You don't need to grease the pans. I am pretty sure there is enough butter in the cake.
3 times the recipe in a jelly roll sheet pan for a big crowd (or wedding).
So good to serve warm. Top with mixed berries and whipped cream.
Then eat the leftovers for breakfast with or without the fruit and cream....

Autumn Smells

The weather has officially changed and I can smell autumn. It still makes me nauseous from pregnancy 1 & 2 since the 1st trimesters were in the beginning of fall. Mr. Fife thinks it smells like football, I think it smells like vomit. It is sad I know, but I always sucker for it and take a pregnancy test around the end of September because I feel so nauseous. But no, not a pregnancy, just my "smell" memory which has proven to be a lot stronger than my regular memory (that I seem to be losing at an alarming rate). These pictures are of my front and back yard, just some planters that I threw together in the spring. I mean, what I wish my flowers look like. I like to think of everything as an annual since everything dies after it touches my acid fingers. Someday I will figure it out, I am sure.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Newest Acquisition

I bought this wonderfully charming lithograph from one of my favorites, Emily Mcphie. I have never seen her lithos (which are a lot like drawings set in stone). I love the drawing and of course the subject matter. Thank you Emily I love love love it! Check out her blog on my list of favorite artist on the right sidebar. What a treat to find this little baby in the mail last week. Can't wait to frame it and hang it up.

Lil Pole Dancer

Shadow #3 pole dancing. I swear I don't know where she got this from! And it was completely spontaneous.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So my gallery in Texas asked for a photo of myself....ugh. So what do I do if I have never seen a photo that I like of myself in the last 10 years? I tried, or maybe 1/2 tried. I took maybe 20 pictures of myself sitting on the couch with my arm out holding the camera. They were ridiculous. So I sketched myself. I am not sure it looks exactly like myself, but isn't that the advantage of being an artist? I turned a bad hair day into a good hair day, lessened the purple circles under my eyes because of bad sleep, and straightened my posture (hunchback), oh and subconsciously thinned out my, I didn't know I was so vain. But I do like the idea of a drawing instead of a boring picture holding my paintbrushes or something or climbing a mountain with my dog. baby just looked at the computer and said "Mommy...painting". I guess that does answer my question. It must look like me!
PSS.....for all you stalkers out there, this drawing is not for sale!

New Talent Show

The new gallery in Austin Texas (Wally Workman Gallery) has put together a "New Talent Show" for the 5 newest artists they have picked up. These are the paintings I sent off today. Please take care of my babies UPS! Too many hours of work to count. I wish I could go to the show and I hope it goes well. Click on THIS to get to the show page and see the other artists.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lovely Angel

I saw this most beautiful angel at the Springville Museum. I love it so much. I think it is a piece by J Kirk Richards (not 100%, but pretty sure). It is life-size and inspiring.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sandpoint and CocoLala

Thanks to my sisters and their husbands, we spent the last few days in Northern Idaho at their family home on CocoLala lake. It was definitely the highlight for the kids and the best trip ending we have ever had. Cliff jumping (if you look really close), water tramps with a cute little boy named Cy (shadow #2's summer crush), the best food of the whole trip (not much luck with Canadian cuisine), party boats, frog catching, fresh water swimming, tubing, and good company....Thanks James boys!
One other thanks to Elisa and Jim for the middle of the night use of their hotel/driveway and our unexpected stay both there and back.....and the yummy breakfasts & many diet cokes!

Serious RV hair. So scary!

Massive RV Tour

So we rented an RV and drove to Banff. It was amazing!

Lake Louise in Canada was seriously the prettiest, unreal place I have ever been. For a few minutes I was considering becoming a different person and staying there for the rest of my life....We canoed, hiked. This was my favorite 2 days of the entire 2 weeks.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dream Space

I wish I lived here. It makes me happy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Paintings in Park City

'Fresh Peonies'
8 x 10"

small and sweet.

'Perpetual Balance'
16 x 16"
No mystery, just some thinking about the balance of mothering, chores and my soul food.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Cherries

Yum, Yum, Yum.

Small Figure Paintings

These little things have been selling really good at my Park City gallery. They are 7 x 9" and fun because they are so immediate. Maybe about 2 hours.... one painting per british murder mystery.....I am officially old.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Summer Surrender

3 shadows after a long day trip to Springville kid art festival. I guess I could've stayed home and taught them about Picasso and pointillism myself, but then we wouldn't have had the 2 1/2 hour car ride fun.....ughhh. At least we got to see Chelsea (sis painter). Maybe next year we will have our own art festival at home....please remind me.

P.S. 'Mortal Reincarnation' got in the Springville Salon. No awards this year, but still honored. It is a good show and up for 1 more week.

Project Runway

I miss "Project Runway". I don't know where it went, but I miss it. So, we did our own. The shadows designed their own outfits for said 'playthings', which was hilarious to start with, and then I executed 
those designs with their "help". And we trashed-talked just like the real show. 

Then we critiqued (all positive, though). A.G. doll is set for summer in her polk a dot sun dress, and pink monkey is going to the prom. P.S. fabric was free from the store I call 'storage room'. Check out their designs. I actually think they did really well for their first project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painting Thursdays

Even though I haven't posted anything all summer, I have been painting all Thursdays. It has been a very welcome break from playing, swimming, cleaning, and crafting with my "shadows". It is glorious to disappear into my studio for 6 hours every Thursday (thanks to my new babysitter). Then I am renewed and ready to tackle another week of summer. 
The mannequin painting I thought was done, but I think it needs something else. Maybe a bird. Okay, I am obsessed with birds right now. Why does a painting feel so much better with a bird?
My Park City gallery requested small paintings they can hang all together on one wall. Small like 8 x 10". So the little shoes are the start of that series. 
And the painting with the books and laundry is in process. I was thinking about the balance I am constantly working on between mothering and my artistic outlets. My quest to never let either one snuff out the other.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Promises

Well, tomorrow is the last day of my favorite social program called public school. I am always so excited to get rid of schedules and cold and just waste our summer days away drinking lemonade and lying on the grass in our swimsuits. I literally remember living in my swimsuit for weeks when I was little. 
So here is my ode to another year of success in the public schools. I was able to paint and clean and shop with almost no interruption. Now for the next 3 months I will have no thoughts that continue, no clean house, no chores completely finished, and one swimsuit and skirt to live in until September, which means a lot less laundry.
The good news is, I have the "shadows'" favorite preteen coming over to tend while I lock myself away in my small studio for hopefully a long and productive Thursday every week. I promise to be strict about my time. No more Law & Order as a "precursor" to painting. No more quick trips to get cheese fries while my brushes are waiting. And no more surfing the internet "looking" for much needed art supplies (and Facebook).
 I am excited and ready to play hard and work hard (only on Thursdays), eat popsicles for lunch, and from my garden for dinner. I am excited to only shower on the days I don't go swimming and to go swimming every day (except Thursdays and maybe Sundays). I am excited to have summer hair (see attached picture) that is bleached by the sun and warm skin that smells of sunscreen, and to wear only flip-flops. Here is to the beginning of summer!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Art to Admire

I went to Chicago a while ago to help my sister move, and to visit the great city one last time. I am going to miss Chicago (and the western suburbs). I decided I have visited her over the course of the last 13 years at least 10 times. (PS, I used to live in Iowa. So a 5 hour drive was nothing when the rest of the family was 1100 miles and 2 mountain ranges away). Here's to freezing Chicago weather, yummy ethnic restaurants, Gino's deep dish pizza, great shopping, and lots of deep talking. 
Here are my favorites this time from the Art Institute of Chicago. Every time I have been, different pieces of art hit me profoundly.  I love this sculpture so much. I am going to have to figure out how to incorporate it into one of my paintings. 
I also loved this painting of children at the beach. So free and open, and so much movement. I didn't write down the artists.......bad, very bad.....slap my wrist please. I am sure they are very famous and well known. I try not to notice.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Must be Here!

My tulips are here! I just planted them in the fall and this is when you test if you are able to delay gratification. I planted over 100 in my front yard. I literally smile every time I pull into my driveway. I wish they lasted all
 summer....but then maybe we wouldn't appreciate them as much. Maybe I'll do another hundred this year.