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Friday, July 30, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours.....

....So I have a 2 person show planned for Terzian Gallery for early next year. I was also just approached by Springville Museum of Art to show in one of their galleries (awesome!) also at the beginning of 2011. Thirdly, Wally Workman Gallery is possibly putting on a show for me later in the year.

Amazing, yes. Scary, yes. Stressful.....yes! The only problem is that they are all coming at once. They are all such great opportunities I don't even care. I think I just need to change my life a little, maybe hire some things out: making canvases (check), framing (half check), dinners (check...Costco), cleaning house (husband? kids?). I think I will take a hiatus from reading, tv, and gardening. Scratch the TV haitus, I need it. I am really excited about my concept and hopeful about my abilities.

1 down, 29 paintings to go....

'Sister; Many Hats'
16 x 16"

Ugh....Head Shots

Okay. I was finally forced to do head shots (thanks Rachel). It is a good thing to have, and maybe even necessary, and I haven't taken them for probably 8 years. Hopefully this one will last for another decade. Please help me choose one. I had thousands taken in the hopes that there would be one I could stand. I guess this is the part of aging I don't do very well. I much prefer a self portrait drawn or painted. It's probably time to do one of those too.

Please vote for one. I need help, I guess I am too close to the subject.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 for 30 Years

'Eye to Eye'
18 x 24"

These have been sent to Wally Workman Gallery in Texas for their 30th anniversary party (along with the painting 'Young Trepidation', a few posts ago). It's great to be a part of a gallery that has been around that long. The husband also surprised me with plane tickets for us to go there for the celebration. Yay!
'Childish Things'
18 x 24"