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Friday, April 20, 2012

Role Apprehension

I just found out today that this painting (of shadow #1) was accepted into the Springville Salon 2012. I painted this last year for my show at Terzian Gallery in Park City. I have told my girls that I will do a painting of them at age 12. They seem less than excited to sit for me for hours on end. As I was conceptualizing this, I was thinking about when I was 12. I was becoming a young woman and starting to think about my future. In our family and culture, 12 is kind of a rite of passage. The beginning of a journey of becoming an accomplished and well-rounded young woman. As I got older I had a lot of thoughts about what I wanted to become. And quite a few apprehensions of the roles I would be considering. Hence the nest and the forward gaze to her future. Some may say I'm "projecting", but hopefully this painting could mean different things to different people.

Timon and Pumba...

 So I'm driving along and I look back to change lanes and surprise! The funniest part about it is that they were totally quiet, watching a movie. They were not wearing these to make me laugh, just for their own pure enjoyment. And, that's right, I took the picture while I was driving....eyes on the road, just point and shoot. I laughed all day about this. I love the lack of any inhibitions in kids.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Trade for a Friend

My friend Emily King did a beautiful paper cut for me of my family in return for this painting of a vintage dress. I am always so flattered when a friend wants a painting of mine. I hope she loves it forever.... And thanks for your beautiful piece, Emily!