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Friday, September 24, 2010

First 4 for my show

I painted these for my show coming up in December. However, Terzian needed more paintings and needed to show examples to clients of what kinds of paintings will be at the show. So, I had to hand over these 4 small paintings. I have finished 14 paintings out of 30 needed, but if these sell, I will need to paint more. It doesn't make sense to half wish they don't sell, that is just crazy right?
12 x 12"
oil on panel

3 small paintings

These little paintings are so immediate I love doing them. Terzian has been asking for more of these, 7 x 9's because they sell well and are an easy impulse buy for those Park City tourists.


In this economy we all have to get a little creative and more flexible. I draw a lot for practice and to keep up my drawing skills. I draw from paintings, I draw from photographs, I draw from life.I used to draw every night while I watched tv, now it's not every night, but almost. So why not draw and sell? I showed 10 of these little drawings at a small show last weekend and sold a few. Now they are at Terzian Gallery in Park City. $225. 6 x 9".