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Sunday, January 22, 2012

#1 Reason My Blog Has Lapsed

#1...I've been quilting....
#2...Holiday craziness, and watermelon brains...

#3... We got a PUPPY!!

Another Reason my Blog has Lapsed

Oh, gourmet cooking makes me feel like I'm on Top Chef.
Thanks Alex (our new friend that has taken us under her wing and decided that we must be "gourmets")...she teaches cooking courses now, you can find her here. She is AMAZING!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Ones

I'm embarrassed that I have not posted since August. But I have a few new paintings. I did have a group show in Iowa in November (I miss you land of corn) that I sent paintings to, and I have finished a few for my gallery in park city. I
also did a painting of my dad for Christmas (oops I forgot to photo). Hopefully he won't just put it in a drawer, and I will see it again to photograph it.
I did a painting for a friend that did some b
eautiful paper cuts for me (suspenseful, but I will post both in the future). And I even had time to do some Christmas shopping online (Fife Christmas brought to you entirely by Amazon).
So now to my New Year's resolutions, that include getting myself out of my "painter's block" by trying something entirely new....still in process, and the jury (myself) is still deciding if it is working. And being stricter about my more staring out the window or reading art magazines waiting for inspiration to stri
ke, I'm going to just start painting.
I have a few small shows coming up this year
and a commission that may take me in a new direction, as well.
So, without being any more cryptic and vague, here are some new images. The first 2 are 12x12" (above), then 20x20" and the final 3 are 8x10". I know, nothing earth-shattering, but hopefully sellable!
ps...I have been doing a lot of quilting and I have discovered Pinterest....uh oh, hope for the best.