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Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Secret

Okay, this is top secret. This is a view of a day in the life of an artist/mother/wife I guess. So I had to get a few paintings framed to take to Park City to show for the Sundance Film Festival. But, I also had to make dinner. And for some insane reason I thought I could to both at the same time, and I just had to make chili because it was snowy and so cold outside. But the frames needed a few more coats of stain and polyeurathane. So, why not get the chili started while the frames dry. I am sure no drops of chili got on the paintings :)
I think I need a bigger house or maybe just a wood shop inside my kitchen. I wonder if I will ever be the kind of person to just do one project from start to finish....

Group Show

Wally Workman had a group show with the theme of 'After Dark'.
This is 12x24", titled 'Going Out'. I haven't painted shoes for a long time, but it was nice to revisit it.