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Friday, January 29, 2010

Shadow #1

B was disappointed that I just kept painting Shadow #2. So here you go #1. I was planning to send these to the gallery, but my sis scolded me and told me I must keep them. Now I don't know what to do. I told my shadows that I would do a real portrait of them when they are 12 to keep. They are not excited to have to sit forever. B loves these. I think I will keep one, sell one. We'll see. She is the funniest poser. She can't not smile. These ones are rare, because all the other photos are restrained smiles. I like the moody poses which is why #2 is ideal. Moody little actor. #1 is all sunshine. We don't know what shadow #3 is yet. Cannot wait to see. These are small. 8 x 9".

Bluer Skies

I am so sick of the hazey Utah smog.....I could scream if I wasn't afraid I would choke from the acid air. I am relegated to the inside of my car and the inside of my gym and the four walls of my house.....I might go crazy.

So Maui, take me away. Not a cloud in the sky for a whole week, this is the view I woke up to every morning. If it hadn't been for the handicapped room with a low toilet, shower and bed, it would have been totally dreamy. Okay no complaining, it was still dreamy. I want to go back!

Just give me a blue sky please!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Love love love

I saw this sensitive little drawing on Cassandra Barney's blog and bought it right up. I love it so much! She sent me all sorts of goodies with the drawing including a painting......a painting as a gift......who is this girl? I am in love with it and I am in love with her. I will upload it later too.


All framed and sent off to the gallery. I really like this format and think I will do more triptychs and diptychs. I titled it "child's dream triptych". I like to think that children are so carefree that they dream of twirling and dancing on sand. I hope they don't dream of the stress in their life and tragedies. I hate that idea, but I think they are stressed.

This is a commission I did for an artist I just met (Sean Wallis) for a trade. I love the painting I got from him. I will upload it later....

Scary Snowman

Don't judge. He is pretty scary but you try to create a perfect snowman out of dry powdery snow on demand.....