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Friday, May 11, 2012

300 Plates Show

 Art Access Gallery
Salt Lake City
May 17th, 6-9 pm
This is a GREAT fundraiser show. I am honored to be a part of it.

New Cityscapes

 I took a weekend workshop with a former professor a few months ago. It was so exciting for me because he introduced a process that he has been working with and we kind of played around with it a bit in class. The process is broken down into squares and as you go you just keep breaking down the squares until an image emerges. The cool thing about it for me is that it keeps my painting more loose than usual. I have the tendency to close the painting soon and with the squares it sort of forces me to keep it open and loose until the very end. It is the first time in several years that when I leave my studio, I can't wait until I can go down and paint again.
Oh and I did have my studio expanded to about 3 times the size...YAY! So I am sure that helps as well. I will definitely post the finished product (the studio) when I get it put back together.
These paintings are small, 8x10" and 12x12". It is fun and I have a few more in process now. I started by driving up on this old Texaco in Draper, Utah and I was so inspired by the shapes and the sign. It has spurred a series of 6 paintings of vintage signs so far. Let's just hope the galleries are willing to take them off my hands.

My Shadow #3

 Painting her "princess chair" that goes with her "princess table".
 Is this what happens when this little girl has been surrounded by mannequins her whole life? I think I have about 17 in my 'still life' collection now. So she is following me at the store and I hear "Mommy!". I turn around to see her holding hands with big, white, creepy mannequin, sooo proud of herself.
 Ohhh. The curse of the baby fine hair that she inherited from Mom AND Dad. Sorry kid. This is from ONE night's sleep.