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Friday, November 13, 2009

'Elusive Satiation'

I loved all of the comments on the last post. I should ask your opinion before I title the paintings. The title I settled on is 'Elusive Satiation'.

Always searching for the feeling of completion and total contentment. I was definitely thinking about my role as a mother and contemplating the option of another child, the ramifications, and blessings of another little personality entering the mix. I hadn't thought about the idea of holding my babies close and reluctantly allowing them to grow up, but i like the imagery. I found those little antique dolls at a great little antique shop in Logan and I was immediately inspired and excited to start introducing them into my paintings. My own little shadows were also excited to be represented.

My sister Amanda took this photo of shadow #2. I love the photos she takes of Naomi. Somehow she captures this side of her, her thoughtful, wise-beyond-her-years side. This is from the day we spent this summer with my twin little sisters in their summer abode in Coco Lala, northern Idaho. We made some memories that we will always treasure! Thanks Amanda!

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