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Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn Smells

The weather has officially changed and I can smell autumn. It still makes me nauseous from pregnancy 1 & 2 since the 1st trimesters were in the beginning of fall. Mr. Fife thinks it smells like football, I think it smells like vomit. It is sad I know, but I always sucker for it and take a pregnancy test around the end of September because I feel so nauseous. But no, not a pregnancy, just my "smell" memory which has proven to be a lot stronger than my regular memory (that I seem to be losing at an alarming rate). These pictures are of my front and back yard, just some planters that I threw together in the spring. I mean, what I wish my flowers look like. I like to think of everything as an annual since everything dies after it touches my acid fingers. Someday I will figure it out, I am sure.

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brudcrew said...

Wow! your house has really changed! :) I feel bad for you because fall is one of my very favorite smells! It's somewhat disturbing what pregnancy will do to you! I worry every time I crave onion rings.