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Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Storm

Seriously, can you stand it? This is the sight I woke up to this week after the prettiest, quietest snow storm through the night. It is the view from our backyard and into the wetlands. I went outside with bedhead and foggy eyes to take a picture and risk my reputation as the put-together artist who always remembers to comb her hair and brush her teeth. I could not believe how breathtaking it was. I was just standing there in awe until I could hear my muses yelling for me to help them get off to school--back to reality. Amazingly, the snow on every branch lasted for about a day and a half.....I was inspired.

New Dress Painting

I have not sat down in my studio and worked on an actual painting for 3 weeks. I am going crazy. I had so many deadlines before Christmas, and of course Christmas itself took everything else out of me. I cleaned my studio really good, did some framing, stretched new canvases, researched some new shows for 2009, which brought me right back to painting.
I have had this still life set up for months waiting for an opportunity to paint it, or I guess I should say to want to paint it. I finally got fired up and it is about half done, maybe 2/3rds done.
I have 2 competitions coming up in the next few months. I should also get many paintings done for all of the galleries that are going to contact me when they see the article about me in 'Southwest Art'. Positive thoughts, remember? If you paint it they will come.
So I am not sure where this painting is going to go, but I am loving painting again. I needed it.

Sock Monkey by Chelsea

My little sister (the painter) made this totally creepy sock monkey for baby muse, which I immediately fell in love with. Surprisingly, she also fell in love with it. How does she even know it is something to be loved? Baby muse drags it around everywhere.  I love how handmade it is and the spooky yellow eyes are perfect...Her first stuffed animal love. Thanks Chels!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I saw

"Slumdog Millenare (Indian Accent)". The husband spotted this movie on his radar and the title was not attracting me to the theater, so he really had to sell me on it. I went into it somehow thinking it was a true story. Do I live in a cave? I don't know why I thought it was true, but quickly was told I was crazy. It is such a creative tale of rags to riches (not really), but ends with hope and a sweet love story. The first half of the movie I almost couldn't take it anymore watching young children navigate the streets of poor India with no parents. But the second half was a little easier to watch and by the end I was dancing along Bollywood style. By now you have heard of it unless you live in a cave as it received 10 oscar nominations this week. I loved it and was so happy to see it win best picture at the GG's (Golden Globes...again for the cave dwellers). Husband says "good but overrated." Hmmmm. I disagree. I didn't have any expectations because I hadn't heard of it when we saw it, so by now it may be hard to not have high hopes. I would say a definite must see, but know that it starts out painfully. And I am voting for it for best picture at the Academy Awards (because if Brad Pitt's movie gets the award, I will throw up).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Positive Thoughts

It's a new year, with a new attitude, and new goals, and renewed strength.
The Christmas season really did a number on my motivation to paint and my productivity. I haven't painted for a few weeks and I have a bad mood to prove it. My Studio is a disaster and I have no set deadlines. 
I did get a call last week that I would be featured in 'Southwest Art' magazine as the 'Artist to Watch' in March. I am so so excited and completely honored. They are going to print 2 or 3 of my paintings and a short article about me. I had the phone interview last week which was nerve-racking. Trying to sound intelligent while changing and bathing the baby is not an easy task.....Let's cross our fingers that I don't sound like a complete idiot.... 
Anyway, it is perfect timing for me as my Salt Lake gallery has closed and I need another gallery. I would also love to expand to Arizona, Colorado, or California. So if I am lucky, maybe some great gallery will see my work in this magazine....My art goal for the year 2009 is to find a few new galleries. Unfortunately, it is not totally under my control. So, I am determined to clean my studio this week and get re-motivated to start a new series. Positive thoughts sent out into the universe.