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Thursday, September 3, 2009


So my gallery in Texas asked for a photo of myself....ugh. So what do I do if I have never seen a photo that I like of myself in the last 10 years? I tried, or maybe 1/2 tried. I took maybe 20 pictures of myself sitting on the couch with my arm out holding the camera. They were ridiculous. So I sketched myself. I am not sure it looks exactly like myself, but isn't that the advantage of being an artist? I turned a bad hair day into a good hair day, lessened the purple circles under my eyes because of bad sleep, and straightened my posture (hunchback), oh and subconsciously thinned out my, I didn't know I was so vain. But I do like the idea of a drawing instead of a boring picture holding my paintbrushes or something or climbing a mountain with my dog. baby just looked at the computer and said "Mommy...painting". I guess that does answer my question. It must look like me!
PSS.....for all you stalkers out there, this drawing is not for sale!


Andrea said...

I think it's awesome!! and I so know what you mean about not liking a single picture of yourself. Maybe you can draw me and thin me out a little bit? ;)

chelsea b james said...

thats such a good idea. i would so much rather see the artists interpretation of themselves rather than the cameras. what a beaut! ps i have your pics from idaho and i'll bring them this sun

Elisa said...

You are so silly...but I know what you mean about pictures...they just never seem to do us justice! I love your drawing, you're gorgeous!

amanda james said...

yes, I love that post. of knowing the tricks of the trade to photography...please girl I'll take a real pretty pic of you single shot style.