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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Gallery!

I was approached by a new gallery in Austin, Texas: Wally Workman Gallery. I am very excited and hope it is a good fit for my work. From the looks of the other artists on the website, it looks fantastic! So, I have been working up some new work for my debut there. This is the last of 5 that I will send them. Titled, "Winter Checkered Coat". I have painted this coat before and wanted to revisit it. The checkered pattern was a challenge, but fun.
 I have been listening to podcasts while I paint and am very happy about that. So this painting reminds me of "Wait, Wait don't tell me" (npr) and 'How Deja vu works' from "stuff you should know". That sounds so nerdy but I love nerdcasts. A lot of my paintings remind me of whatever I was listening to for good or bad.
My first goal for the year of picking up a new gallery......check!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

No painting this week. Just some framing and prepping surfaces. We went out of town, and then spring break was upon us. With all 3 'shadows' home from school, we just played and crafted all week. This is Shadow #3's newest insistence, sitting in the high chair with the baby doll for every meal. 

Happy Easter! Even Grandma got into the bunny faces and the balloon ears (is that what they are?)......PS...that is Grandma's "doll" face which she is so proud of, her best party trick, she does it all the time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Which One?

The Springville Salon is coming up. I plan to enter 'Mortal Reincarnation' (see earlier post) and one other painting. I cannot decide between these 3 that I just finished. It is a prestigious show that is quite hard to get into, and I want to enter the best one. So let's do a vote! Vote on the poll to your right for:  Red Dress, Green Lace, or Pink Dress. The entries are due by next Saturday. I will enter the one that gets the most votes, unless I change my mind.....joking.