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Friday, September 25, 2009

Newest Acquisition

I bought this wonderfully charming lithograph from one of my favorites, Emily Mcphie. I have never seen her lithos (which are a lot like drawings set in stone). I love the drawing and of course the subject matter. Thank you Emily I love love love it! Check out her blog on my list of favorite artist on the right sidebar. What a treat to find this little baby in the mail last week. Can't wait to frame it and hang it up.


emily said...

Yay, I'm so glad you like it, you've made me happy.

I love your new header, that's a great picture.

amanda james said...

the duchess was so juicy right? I watched it with the james's and we all thought our husbands were saints after the movie. thank you feminism!

Jennifer said...

I am in love, IN LOVE, with one of her paintings from the "In My Garden" series. It is the one with the little girl connected to puppet strings that a bigger pair of hands holds behind a multi-colored fence. I read about the artist and her family in a newspaper piece. I even said to Jeff right then, "I would love to have this painting." I think my newspaper clipping might be as close as I get! (Deseret News, Sept. 13, 2009.)

Oh I admire all you talented people!

Jennifer said...

oops-- I just clicked on Emily's icon and saw the others in that series. I see the ignorance of my description, because the colored fence is in all. It was the one of the girl with the folded arms that caught my fancy. And that last painting -- of the woman holding scissors? Very powerful.