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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bird in the Hand

I have had this dress set-up for months just waiting for the time and the motivation to do it. And every time I get dressed up I wish I had those necklaces to wear. I think this is 18 x 24" and I had intended it for a backup for the Springville show in April. I set it aside to look at it later and when I came back a few days later I realized it was done. I might add a little more color in the scarf. It was really fun to paint. The dress is satin with a velvet collar and one of my goals is to try to make the fabric look like what it really is. I think it works here....I have painted that scarf in probably 20 different paintings and I still am intrigued with it.

Baby Love

Yes, I have been painting. Yesterday I logged 5 hours and still made dinner. And by made, I mean I heated something up and husband made pancakes....More paintings to come I promise. I have been working on a large one and made some good headway yesterday. I crossed the really frustrating part of the painting when you want to give up and throw it against a wall. It happens with nearly every painting, but when you trudge through it and come out the other side it is so rewarding. So I passed that yesterday afternoon and the momentum has come back. I am excited about it and it is hopefully going to be for the big Springville show this year. Here is a sneak peek, just don't forget that it is not finished.

This is the reason I have not been working as much as I should. I want to play with her all day long.....Are they more fun when you wait forever to get another? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love this painting!

I am in awe of this loose painting of a refrigerator door. How in the world do you make such subject matter so beautiful? Only Alex Kanevsky (see artist to look up), or maybe me someday if I can be so lucky! 

Chelsea's Show

My younger sister, Chelsea, is having a 2-woman show with Wendy Chidester at Coda Gallery in Park City, February 27th. She has some really beautiful paintings of sort of abstract landscapes, big and small. This is kind of a new direction for Chelsea but she is so excited about it. They are really nice and I am sure will be well received. Good Luck Chels!
The same night Emily McPhie is showing at Terzian Gallery and I am really excited to see her new work....Wendy, Chelsea, and Emily are all on my "artists to look up" column, so it will be a great night for me and art....I will take some pictures and share it all with you're welcome!