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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Painting Thursdays

Even though I haven't posted anything all summer, I have been painting all Thursdays. It has been a very welcome break from playing, swimming, cleaning, and crafting with my "shadows". It is glorious to disappear into my studio for 6 hours every Thursday (thanks to my new babysitter). Then I am renewed and ready to tackle another week of summer. 
The mannequin painting I thought was done, but I think it needs something else. Maybe a bird. Okay, I am obsessed with birds right now. Why does a painting feel so much better with a bird?
My Park City gallery requested small paintings they can hang all together on one wall. Small like 8 x 10". So the little shoes are the start of that series. 
And the painting with the books and laundry is in process. I was thinking about the balance I am constantly working on between mothering and my artistic outlets. My quest to never let either one snuff out the other.


pamela said...

oh wow. i've just looked through your blog a bit, and i'm in love with the work.

**and yes, steal away - that's why i do my blog, i figure there are other artist/mom's out there trying to make it work!

Frances said...

I love the last one!