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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naomi 1, finished!

I haven't put the finish coat on it yet, but I believe it is done. The painting with the 2 birds is the same painting, but 1/2 done. I didn't like the tree and the birds seemed too far away, so I painted one bird above her head with no tree to rest on.Maybe you cannot tell yet, but i love to start paintings, but have a harder time finishing them (the one of the 3 girls, getting dust on it). But i have lived with this one on my mantel for a week or so and am really happy with it. That is how i can really tell if it is done, I have to live with it and look at it everyday, I almost always revise and revise and revise. So, I still do not have a title. Something about the curious cat that is naomi. Any ideas? I think this is headed up to my Park City gallery after I start and finish 1 - 2 more in the series. It is weird to take just one, I like them to have pairs of the same.


Circe said...

Imagination takes flight...curiosity takes flight...wings. Love the Naomi series, and the painting you started today. Very spiritual. :)

jennifer said...

How about "One in hand"?

Melinda said...

Gosh-ang....I love both of them!