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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Burnt Waffle

I went to Grandma Muses' house the other day and this was sitting on the outdoor patio. I took me a minute to realize that this was part of her bird-feeding obsession. Probably 5 times a day, she feeds the birds. Usually it is a pile of bread crumbs on the edge of the porch, where any other old lady would put them. But to my delight, she had an extra waffle from breakfast and threw it out the sliding glass door right where I was about to step as I went out.  Didn't even take the time to break it up for the timid little birdies. The amazing part:  you better believe that by the time we were done with our fried-potato lunch (her favorite), that rock-hard burnt waffle was gone. Those grubby little birds love Grandma's porch! I wonder if they are getting a little too bold. I think I will rent 'The Birds' for her so she is aware of her dangers.


Andrea said...

Just saw Bentley on tv!! She looked so cute. And by the way, fried potatoes are Kyle's favorites too. With bacon grease.

Andrea said...

oh, and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

chelsea b james said...

oh yes. forgot to call you on your bday... oopsies. anyhoo one day i went on grandmas porch only to find frozen chicken noodle soup spilled everywhere. it was gross.