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Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Sunglasses

These 2 make 6 sunglass girls. And I plan to do 3 more, but as winter is coming, it seems less relevant, so I thought I better get them to my gallery pronto. I have so many deadlines right now, I had to make a list (on some random receipt--in true artist fashion) so I could organize my brain. So 8 paintings to Terzian Gallery today, enter a competition with the portrait above by tomorrow, enter another to Springville next week (spiritual painting below), paint a little "baby" painting for my dear sister who had a boy last month for her shower in 2 weeks, and paint a few for my other gallery for a special showing next week. Seriously? Where did this all come from.....It might be time to finally buckle down and call merry maids. Oh, and maybe enter 'art and soup' if I have time. Did I mention donating a painting for the Legal Aid Society Gala this Friday? And don't forget to breastfeed, and sign permission slips for field trips, and pick the tomatoes right before the first frost, and finish the last 200 pages before book club tonight. I have officially stressed myself out. Zanex please.


jensenfamily said...

did Alisa have a boy?!?

aBfife said...

Belinda had a boy!!!! Her daughter is 14, and now a new baby boy....haven't seen him yet, they are in chicago. I saw your mom last night at my mom's house, I said 'are you here to pick me up because erin is in town?' she said no all serious.

Melinda said...

How do you do it! You are a superwoman. SERIOUSLY!

And you better call me if you make it to Chicago! (No pressure whatsoever.)

And I just saw Missy Higgins with Ben Folds about a week ago. They were both amazing!