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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Little Paintings

I have been working on a number of these small figure studies to speed up my skills in figure painting from life and to feed my galleries. I try to spend 1 1/2 - 2 hours and do it in one sitting. So if it isn't working, instead of leaving it for another day, I force myself to work through it. They are perfect for me because I can do one during a baby nap or at night after everyone goes to bed. But, I am starting to get bored and need to move back to the portrait of my kids....These are 7 x 9". So, if any of you want to come over to a quiet house and watch a movie (or read your vampire book) with sunglasses on, I'll fix you lunch...and I'll be very appreciative.


Circe said...

How about a three year old Chinese kid with sun glasses on? I forgot how hard just ONE child can be when everyone else is at school!

hbentley said...

I think evie is the best baby ever. how fun that the mirror is the babysitter. I am still trying to find a babysitter like that for josh. any ideas?
I love your art. one day when i can get our money tree to blossom i will get one for my house.

BrittanyLane said...

Fun subjects and great lighting. I just love the bottom face.

kelsey alissa said...

you can paint me! i'm in cali this week but that'd be fun!! oh btw i have a new blog :) i forgot how much i love your artwork also, i've been rooting through your blog for the past twenty minutes! love you