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Monday, September 22, 2008

Naomi Series

I have so many great pictures of Naomi from the photo shoot we did last month for the larger portrait. I wanted to paint this one. I'll show you the finished product soon I hope. This is how I start with a pencil or charcoal drawing and a color glaze and then I start laying in the color. She is fun to draw and paint because I think she is an old soul and I can see it in her eyes and poses. I want to paint something in the corner, but haven't decided what she is looking at. 
Naomi critique: "Mom, are you going to sell this?"
"I don't know" (inside my head....Yeah!)
Naomi: "I think you should, because everyone is going to want it!"
If only we all had that much confidence. I am planning to send this to my gallery with other thoughtful child paintings.  I am excited about this little series. Hopefully it will bring in some dough. $$$. I have a playroom to redo (we'll talk about that later).


Circe said...

Oh, everyone is for sure going to want a portrait of Naomi! :) We'll trade you a trust for a portrait of our favorite child. Haven't decided who that is yet, though...

Kate said...

I love seeing your process. Keep posting pictures of this as you go along so I can keep up on it.

chelsea b james said...

i love the first piece to the series of naomi! are you going to keep the background flat? i like that look.

Dahlene said...


I knew you painted, but didn't know you sell your work. It is beautiful. My favorite is of your angel girls.

It makes me want to ask you to paint my boys. I'm not sure I could pay you what it would be worth.