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Friday, August 22, 2008

Portrait Sitting 3

After sitting #3 today while the kids were making jewelry and baby napping. The picture turned out a little darker than it really is. It's coming along. Naomi's critique today: "Sorry if this hurts your feelings, but the things around our heads don't look like angel thingies, they look like pans floating. Sorry, but that is what I think." The weird thing is, I think she is right in that they were a little distracting, so I took the halos down a notch and will bring them up a little more later. Countdown: Only 2 more days until school starts and painting begins! Sad and glad.


BrittanyLane said...

Isn't it amazing how diplomatic they learn to be at such a young age. Wish we were closer so the kids could play. Love the damask! I'm obsessed with damask at the moment. It's looking great!

Circe said...

I can totally hear Naomi saying that. I love the floating pans. They're much more creative that regular old halos. Hey, can Bentley play tomorrow? It's our last chance! BTW, Naomi is a FABULOUS dancer!

Frances said...

It really looks like them. CRAZY NAOMI!

Ashley and Matt said...

hey Cuz- love your blog, I am so glad I found it. I have never seen much of your work, I love it.

Fun seeing you guys on the cruise.

Circe said...

Angela, you're such a good artist. Say hi to Bentley for me! From Ruby