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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black Thumb

I spend 1/2 of my life creating things: babies, paintings, projects, foods,  etc. Why in the world can I not keep any plant alive inside or out? I have come up with a theory. I think my blood is too acidic. I may be a bit influenced by 'Breaking Dawn' in that theory, but it makes sense. I have come to realize that plants around here are now and forever "disposable". I always thought I would be a good gardener. I also read the other day of a study that showed plants that were talked to daily did better, and more interestingly, plants that were told "I love you" did best.....I don't think I'm ready for that, but be forewarned. I literally have killed almost 20 plants this year including 2 birthday presents (sorry mom). I have lost my confidence and the plants can smell low self-esteem. Maybe I am becoming Stay tuned, I just bought a beautiful mum to replace this sad guy.

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chelsea b james said...

yeah, maybe that black thumb thing runs in the family