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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accidental Photo

I found this photo on my camera and I can't figure out where it is or who took it, but I love the composition. It must be from our camping trip to Bear Lake a few weeks ago. Naomi, 6 and Ty, 13.


Melinda Lomax & Fam said...

Hi Angela! I love the stuff you posted, I wish I had the smallest bit of your talent for art and decorating. You'll need to post the new painting you get when you loose 10 pounds! Congrats on the goal and best of luck (you inspire me to get serious about doing the same.) Have a great day, Melinda

Anonymous said...

Ange... I love accidental photo. made me laugh.
One time we picked up our pictures (in the older days of developed film) and our soccer pictures of kelseys team had pancakes layered all over her.... One of Kens Research and Development Stove goofs! We never did find out what happened for sure. Nice Cakes on that green field though.