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Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Kitchen

We have been working on our kitchen over the past year. And by "we", I mean hiring professionals that know what they are doing. It took forever, because I hired one person at a time instead of planning them all at the same time. Purely because I didn't want a few months of complete chaos, but over a year of inconveniences...
It finally is finished, so here are some pictures.

BEFORE: (in case you cannot tell)

We were only going to change out the upper cabinets and keep the lowers and paint them, but once I got the uppers in, the lowers looked ridiculous. So I listed the cabinets on KSL, sold them to a nice polygamist man who is building his own house, and went forward.


I love it so much and I cannot believe what a difference it makes to me as I cook everyday. Who knew that elevating your environment would actually elevate what you create in that space? I suspected, but it is so nice and light now. And it makes me happy everyday.
P.S...the blacksplash is stainless steel penny tile, it is hard to see in these photos.

Here is the other side of the room just for perspective:


chelsea james said...

sa sa sa say what? its beautimous. i need to see in person please. especially the back splash. i especially love the wooden modern cabinets. so perty. lucky polygamy guy

Frances said...

Your kitchen knocked my socks off. I really love it.

sammy said...

Gasp! I am dyying! This is gorgeous! I want to see the backsplash too since I am shopping for backsplashes and would probably end up getting the same one as you by accident so maybe this will save me some time ;)