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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kayo Show with Chelsea

The show at Kayo Gallery was great, thank you to everyone who was able to come by and be with me and Chelsea. And thank you to Shilo for inviting us to show our work.
 'Only if it Has Smocking'
I went through a phase in which I would only wear dresses or shirts with smocking. My poor mother.
 'Handmade 1974'
My mom knitted this when she had 3 little girls under 3. I was the third.
'Halloween 1978-1984'
My alter ego for most of my childhood was an Indian princess. Every Halloween from preschool to 5th grade I wore the same costume. I loooooved it. I would also don this costume when doing yard work or bathing in the sun (we have pictures to prove it).


Adri said...

Love love love "Halloween." My daughter is going through the same phase....she loves to wear her Indian costume for any occasion! :)

Jennie De Groot said...

I Love " Halloween" Just fabulous.