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Friday, September 28, 2012

Upcoming Show!!!

I am doing an invitational show next month at Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake City, and I have just finished all the paintings, 10 in all. My sister, Chelsea James, and I are each doing 10 paintings inspired by 'Childhood Memories'. It has been delightful reminiscing about my childhood as I have conceptualized and painted this series. I have remembered new things that I haven't thought of in 30 years. I will post the rest after the show opens October 19th.

 'Foothill Boulevard'
This was our old stomping ground.... Foothill Village.
 'Lulu's Disneyland'
My great aunt was one of the first seamstresses at Disneyland. It was beyond cool. She was tight with Walt. We would stay at her house and she would take us to Disneyland. It is still so nostalgic to me, my kids are completely sick of hearing me talk about it.
'Pile in the White Wagon'
Memories of our great white wagon.
 "Old Scissors"
We loved this old horse. They just don't make toys like this anymore. Probably because it is about the most dangerous toy we had. If you have ever ridden on one, close your eyes and imagine the sound....Scissors?
"Stop and Go, 5 cents each"
As kids, we would sleep over at my Grandma's house all the time. She loves soda pop, and would let us take her empty bottles to the 'Stop-n-go' to return for 5 cents and use the money to buy candy. Best Grandma ever!


chelsea b james said...

I LOVE them!!! the mcdonalds one is my favorite. can't wait to see these beauties in person. Thanks for my critique today, i cant tell you how much that helped. and you were a super star today for coming early and staying late at the shower. bonus points to you.

jensenfamily said...

why isn't there a portrait of me in there? hello, doesn't my face image flash very FIRST in your mind when you reminisce on your past?? But not to worry, I'm not easily offended, I'm sure I'll be in your next show, just take some artistic license slim down my nose a little bit if you can. love, Erin ps - those are really awesome, i LOVE the idea...