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Friday, October 8, 2010

Paintings I love so Much

Oh I love these paintings so much. I am so inspired. They are so different from eachother, but I love them and admire their makers!
1. Alyssa Monks: I love the composition. I love the feeling of the painting, restful, intricate. And unbelievably painted. I am painting a sheet in the painting I am working on now. If only it looked like this one. I guess I will put in another 5 hours and see where it gets me. Sigh.

2. Clay Wagstaff: His paintings are so thinly painted, almost washes. You can still see pencil lines on the canvas underneath. They are dreamlike, calming, out of this world-like. Oh I am in love with this painting. He is my sister, Alisa's, favorite painter and I believe he has grown on me. I love his paintings the more I see them. I think about them after I see and study them in Park City.
3. Lindsey Frei: Another Utah painter. She is so technically amazing. She does mainly still-lifes, but her figures are what capture my attention. They are unreal. I love her lighting and her soft edges, and her fashion taste is awesome so I always love her color choices. Look at this girl's nice. I love how her bangs cover her eyes. Such a yummy painter.
4. Britt Freda. I found it online a long time ago and didn't write down her/his name so thanks to all the comments to let me know. I love how loose the painting is, I am obsessed with bees, and the composition is really nice too. I wish this was in my house.


dani said...

wow these paintings are all fantastic and inspiring. I am always amazed by the technical skills that American painters often have, in a way that doesn't seem to exist in the UK anymore.

Emily Carruth Fuller said...

Hey, delurking here, I believe that artist is Britt Freda. I like her work as well. She was just featured in the last issue of American Art Collector.

Kenney Mencher said...


She is a wonderful painter. Her name is Britt Freda and her website is:

She has a great portfolio of work posted!

Kenney Mencher said...

Woops! Sorry I just saw Emily's post.