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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spoiler....or Teaser?

Only 1 month until I have to be done painting for my show at Terzian Gallery. Here is a sneek peak at what I have been working on. They are representative of the roles I carry; Sister, Wife, Daughter, Mother. I am up to 18 out of 20 paintings. Just 2 more to go! (But then I would love to have it up to 30 for the show in January at the Springville Museum....hmmm.)


chelsea b james said...

can't wait for the show! the one with the fur hat is my favorite. those glass heads are fantastic. good work sis

amanda james said...

definitely a teaser. I love grandmas

hbentley said...

Your work is amazing. I have ZERO artistic ability and I am awe of your ability.

sws said...

wow - these are all beautiful! I love looking at your work... I love the different background colors with the different fabrics and textures. Amazing!