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Friday, September 24, 2010

First 4 for my show

I painted these for my show coming up in December. However, Terzian needed more paintings and needed to show examples to clients of what kinds of paintings will be at the show. So, I had to hand over these 4 small paintings. I have finished 14 paintings out of 30 needed, but if these sell, I will need to paint more. It doesn't make sense to half wish they don't sell, that is just crazy right?
12 x 12"
oil on panel


amanda james said...

i can't wait to go to your show in dec. when is it? that is crazy talk, sell sell sell! (can you tell i'm a little greedy?)

chelsea b james said...

you've already painted 14? what? thats impressive. can't wait to see more

Andrea said...

I love that one up at the top!

Anonymous said...

I just love your brushwork it is very enticing.