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Sunday, May 2, 2010

300 Plates Show

Art Access
230 S 500 W #125
SLC Utah
May 17th - July ?

This is my first time being a part of the 300 Plates show. It is a fundraiser for 'Art Access' who provides art programs for the disabled. It is a great organization and a very well known show. So each of 99 Utah artists paints on 10 x 10 metal printer plates. Then they are numbered starting at 75 and going up in $1 increments. The number your plate is, is the cost of your painting. So theoretically you could get a Brian Kershisnik painting for less than his usual $10K.

I went several years ago to the event and it was first come first serve and when they opened the doors it was like black friday but art gallery, wine drinking style and not that different from the fights at walmart the day after Thanksgiving. I literally saw someone push an old lady out of the way with her elbow to put her sticker on one of the plates so she could buy it.

I was so turned off, I left with my 3 purchased plates and vowed to never come back.
Well, they have changed the purchasing process now and have promised it to be much more civilized. Who knew that little metal disks could attract the animal instinct. Cheap paintings = crazy people. The list of artists is humbling and now that I am one of the artists, I would be honored if someone would push old people to buy one of mine....not probable. Let's hope there is interest in my work and I cannot wait to expand my own 'plate' collection!

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Kate said...

I'm so excited that they asked you to be part of this show. I'd love to be included some day. You're really moving up in the world baby!