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Sunday, May 2, 2010

300 Plates Show

These 4 (sorry I forgot to photo the upper left one before I delivered it...duh...lost forever) fit together to form a larger painting but they also stand alone as singular works. I thought it would be challenging to make it work both ways. I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how to put them together right, so you will just have to imagine. Or you could take a look at the plate show, they are going to try to hang them together.
Whenever I am pushed to do something different with either color or format or subject matter, it changes my direction a bit. I haven't done paintings with cropped views of the dresses. But I like the finished product of these where the dress isn't necessarily the main I think I will do more of this. We'll see if anyone buys them. If not, than forget all of that excitement about a new direction.


Circe said...

Love the new direction.

chelsea b james said...

ang, i love, love the compositional elements of your new plate paintings. they are so strong just by themselves, i'm excited to see how they look hung together. What a cool concept. lets go together, is jason going too? i think adam wants to creep