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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bird in the Hand

I have had this dress set-up for months just waiting for the time and the motivation to do it. And every time I get dressed up I wish I had those necklaces to wear. I think this is 18 x 24" and I had intended it for a backup for the Springville show in April. I set it aside to look at it later and when I came back a few days later I realized it was done. I might add a little more color in the scarf. It was really fun to paint. The dress is satin with a velvet collar and one of my goals is to try to make the fabric look like what it really is. I think it works here....I have painted that scarf in probably 20 different paintings and I still am intrigued with it.


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BrittanyLane said...

Ooh. I love it! Love the title too. I'm feeling much that way right now. Just totally appreciating these precious little ones. Gorgeous textures.