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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Love

Yes, I have been painting. Yesterday I logged 5 hours and still made dinner. And by made, I mean I heated something up and husband made pancakes....More paintings to come I promise. I have been working on a large one and made some good headway yesterday. I crossed the really frustrating part of the painting when you want to give up and throw it against a wall. It happens with nearly every painting, but when you trudge through it and come out the other side it is so rewarding. So I passed that yesterday afternoon and the momentum has come back. I am excited about it and it is hopefully going to be for the big Springville show this year. Here is a sneak peek, just don't forget that it is not finished.

This is the reason I have not been working as much as I should. I want to play with her all day long.....Are they more fun when you wait forever to get another? 


Circe said...

Love that baby! I recognize the tutu! :)

Frances said...

I love the paintings, great work!

chelsea b james said...

ok i love this painting. love the weighing between the large dress and the small one, also am digging the drawings at the top. are those birds?