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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I saw

"Slumdog Millenare (Indian Accent)". The husband spotted this movie on his radar and the title was not attracting me to the theater, so he really had to sell me on it. I went into it somehow thinking it was a true story. Do I live in a cave? I don't know why I thought it was true, but quickly was told I was crazy. It is such a creative tale of rags to riches (not really), but ends with hope and a sweet love story. The first half of the movie I almost couldn't take it anymore watching young children navigate the streets of poor India with no parents. But the second half was a little easier to watch and by the end I was dancing along Bollywood style. By now you have heard of it unless you live in a cave as it received 10 oscar nominations this week. I loved it and was so happy to see it win best picture at the GG's (Golden Globes...again for the cave dwellers). Husband says "good but overrated." Hmmmm. I disagree. I didn't have any expectations because I hadn't heard of it when we saw it, so by now it may be hard to not have high hopes. I would say a definite must see, but know that it starts out painfully. And I am voting for it for best picture at the Academy Awards (because if Brad Pitt's movie gets the award, I will throw up).


chelsea b james said...

i wanna see that movie so bad!

Elisa said...

I so agree with your review...I LOVED it but it was painful to watch in so many parts.

mcmasters said...

Good to see "the husband" has made an appearance here. Yes, I agree, not since Borat has "the husband" been so deserving of his movie-picking cred.