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Friday, January 30, 2009

New Dress Painting

I have not sat down in my studio and worked on an actual painting for 3 weeks. I am going crazy. I had so many deadlines before Christmas, and of course Christmas itself took everything else out of me. I cleaned my studio really good, did some framing, stretched new canvases, researched some new shows for 2009, which brought me right back to painting.
I have had this still life set up for months waiting for an opportunity to paint it, or I guess I should say to want to paint it. I finally got fired up and it is about half done, maybe 2/3rds done.
I have 2 competitions coming up in the next few months. I should also get many paintings done for all of the galleries that are going to contact me when they see the article about me in 'Southwest Art'. Positive thoughts, remember? If you paint it they will come.
So I am not sure where this painting is going to go, but I am loving painting again. I needed it.

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chelsea b james said...

your new dress painting looks amazing. very inspiring sis