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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Muses 1, 2, 3

My Muses 1, 2, 3 . Okay sometimes they are the anti-muses, but most of the time my "material" comes from the challenges and rewards of taking care of these beauties. My newest idea is working up a "portrait" of my girls for a show I would like to enter in October. I have never done a portrait of them (ok, other than drawing them during church services if bored) and am a little apprehensive but excited.

So I dressed them up in costume. They liked it just a little. And took a zillion photographs to work from.The drawing is not quite right, but I am only about 2 hours into it and need to fix faces. It is close. This is a preliminary drawing but I can visualize what I want it to be painted like. Sort of timeless and muted. Maybe I will just force myself into a very limited pallette, like 3 colors. These are some of the photographs I am working from and then I will use their live little bodies when I need them. Naomi (muse #2) was totally in her element because I instructed no smiling and strange poses please. There are some great photos on the roll. After I was done, they wanted to do their own poses for a photo shoot. Bentley's (muse #1) were sweet little blown kisses and Naomi's were crazy, quirky troll poses. I was laughing a lot. 


BrittanyLane said...

I just love your girls! Wish we could see them more often. I love the drawing... I'm excited to see how the painting plays out.

Emily said...

i think babies are so hard to draw & paint but it looks like you have a good handle on it. I am sure you will cherish this painting forever!