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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grandma (elderly muse)

Grandma Roselle is the family muse. The first painting was a sitting my sister (also a painter) and I set up 2 summers ago thinking it might be our last to capture our 95 year old grandma. She is still going strong as you can see by her pushing my husband around in her wheelchair last week on Catalina island. She was complaining that she has been pushed around too much on this latest vacation and she needs exercise. Jason quickly and generously offered to sit down so she could push him. We stopped her after 30 minutes, she wanted to keep going. The other portrait was done a few months ago, again with my sister. Grandma is the best model, she needs no breaks, tells us funny stories about her wedding night and will sit all day. We just had to "coke" her up every hour so she wouldn't fall asleep. I really like this small portrait of her, I think it really captures her look. She always has this wonderfully thoughtful, sort of sad look when we paint her.
PS....She hates that we paint her without her wig. Is it creepy to have half a dozen paintings in my house of Grandma?


Emily said...

love your blog, I think it is a great way to talk about your work even if it is just for you.... & I really love the last portrait of your Grandma, I love the way you painted her face & shirt. You left just enough out.

Merrill Family said...

Your work is amazing. Wow! This will be fun to look at, and see all the things you do with your art. I am one that really can't draw anything, so I am very impressed. And, your baby is so cute!

Frances said...

I love that small portrait of Grandma. She looks so beautiful, it looks exactly like her. Good job!

Amy M. said...

Ang - I just found your blog tonight. Loving it. I love the paintings of grandma! You are SO talented. That is so funny that she hopped out of her wheelchair and pushed Jason. I wish we could have gone on that cruise. We are here to stay now, so I hope to see you soon!