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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Self Portrait

My latest self portrait. It was shown in the Springville Salon 2008, Utah. A lot of my paintings are a process of expressing my frustrations. This one, in particular I almost titled "Inspiration", but settled on "Through the Lens: a self portrait". I remember thinking about how many expectations I feel are on me as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Possibly self-imposed. But a hard juggling act anyway. A newspaper article about a Frida Kahlo show that came through Utah is partially in the background and a postcard of one of my favorite artists I found when I was living in Iowa, MK Misol- a painting of a spanish dancer. A homage to women that have inspired me creatively. I love how personal and raw Kahlo's paintings are. And Misol's paintings seem so immediate and spontaneous. This painting is large for me at 24 x 36" and was a nice one to live with for a while. I think I won't sell this one just yet, after the show I will bring it home and hang it in a dark hallway....? I think it looks like me, hard to tell.


BrittanyLane said...

I'm so impressed you get into that show every year. It's so competitive! This painting has so much emotion. I can relate to the feeling, and can definitely tell it is you, but in real life you look much happier. : )

. . . said...

I remember you wearing that necklace!

This painting hit me. It's a portrait of you, to be sure, but your commentary about frustrations made me put a little of myself in the picture. How many times do I feel that a figurative, perfect symbol of womanhood looms over me, and that I just don't measure up? And I realize that I sometimes "dress up" the unattainable with my own expectations. The necklace is on the statue, not you.

Great painting.

Jennifer Hatch

Melinda said...

I agree that you DO look much happier in real life.
I really miss the days of sitting next to you and talking and painting at Sticks. Good times my friend.
You have also somewhat inspired me to get off my behind and try to do some art. That, and you have one more kid than I do, so I really need to get in gear!
Miss you, Minnie D.

Frances said...

I does look like you, except you're much more beautiful in person. :)

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