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Friday, June 25, 2010

Long Days

Summer is here and it was officially 104 degrees yesterday. Which means popsicles, swimming pools and bare feet. The kids only get the swimming pools. The only problem is I have been so busy painting, I have only 1/2 enjoyed summer so far. I am knee deep in commissions (I will show later), and also painting for Wally Workman Gallery 30th anniversary. No pressure, but please send us "your 3 best paintings you have ever produced". I am a little stressed, I must admit. It is not infringing on my sleep yet, but because I feel guilty about my kids being inside for most of the day, I am making big promises for our upcoming beach trip. (I promise to not yell once, to say yes whenever you want your fingernails painted, and to create something big and amazing out of beach sand in exactly 2 weeks).

I have been painting everyday (almost) and things are moving well for the most part - don't want to jinx momentum though. This painting is the first of 3 for Wally Workman due the end of July. Let's just all cross our fingers in hopes I can do it all. I am definitely burning the candle at both ends and my house is here to prove it. Let's also say a little prayer that the kids don't get sick of cereal and mac & cheese.....pretty please.

'Young Trepidation'
18 x 24"


amanda james said...

this painting looks so good. you best be posting all your commissions. now get back to work sugar mama.

Circe said...

Love the painting. She looks so mature! Are they all getting older?? Don't stress about your kids. I let mine take the reins and all they want to do is stay home and veg. Enjoy! And there ain't nothin wrong with cereal!