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Monday, June 28, 2010

3 Commissions

I have been working for the last month on 3 commissions for a family of sisters. Twins Kathrin and Amelia, and an older sister Gabby. I was able to meet with them one afternoon and record my impressions, and come up with my own interpretations. Their mother (the client) was so open minded and willing to let me express my own thoughts about her girls. I don't really do portraits, but I enjoyed these. It was fun to interpret these young girls. Most importantly, I hope they love them and think I was true to who they are.

Amelia: centered, quiet, introspective.
Kathrin: outgoing, full of personality, comfortable with attention.
Gabby: mature, athletic, quiet.


chelsea b james said...

i love them ang! i can't believe you are already finished

Amy Hillenbrand said...

I don't know the girls but I feel like the paintings are full of personality.