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Friday, April 2, 2010

Largest Painting I've Ever Done

24 x 48"
'Accepting Comfort and Strength'

I am not settled on that title, just trying it out. I have to deliver it next week, so I need to decide quick. I would love some ideas if any of you are struck with something you can't shake.

It is going to the well-known Springville Salon to be juried and hopefully accepted. Because it is larger than I usually do, I realize I am questioning my composition. I also added a detail of Naomi's face because I find her captivating. She has a wisdom in her eyes, kind of an old soul thing. I love painting her. This pose was her choice, her idea....she is 7. After I finished the painting she looked confused and then she told me she thought I was going to paint myself into the painting instead of the dress form. Cute.

The title I have at the top comes from my cousin who was giving me an impromptu critique the other night. She told me she dreamt of the painting that night. She was the girl and was hugging her mother and had such a strong feeling of comfort and strength. I was so moved that she dreamt of my painting after looking at it for just a few minutes. I always hope my paintings have the ability to affect someone or evoke nostalgic feelings. They are emotional to me, but I never know if they project any of those strong feelings to the viewer. PS.....this painting has nothing to do with my own Mommy issues that I may or may not have.


Circe said...


chelsea b james said...

angp- this painting is amazing. and naomis face- are you kidding me? can't wait to see it at springville, it's going to blow their socks off. i would help you with a title, but lets be honest, i ain't good at that

Jennifer said...

The artwork and your sentiments are beautiful. Captivating indeed.

I do think your paintings imbed themselves in your viewers. Your use of the dressform in so many of your paintings, for me at least, allows me to project my own ideas of who -- and what -- is represented, more so than if it were a person. And oddly, the object is what makes them so personal.

I am in awe of your talent. The face is stunning -- how could you part with it? (Wait, I know ... you're consistently good, and can create it again.)

Emily said...

I love it, I bet its incredible in person! I smell an award....

Andrea said...

Wow, it's beautiful. I keep thinking "holding on", cause no matter how old we get we never want to let go of the love that we had for our moms as little girls. You know?

this bright day said...

so, so gorgeous.

loved seeing you.

karen said...

angela, now that i've seen this painting in person. wow, not only your largest painting to date but a beauty at that. you captured your daughter's expression so well---and, i love the title. i agree with your cousin's comments. congratulations on the 3 commissions for terzian galleries clients. the client is SO happy and we are proud. you should post them! karen