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Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools!

I spent the afternoon making fake "fish sticks" (cookies smothered with peanut butter and rolled in corn flake crumbs).....before you judge, the shadows LOVED their sweet star item!
They were accompanied with "fry sauce" (jam), "peas" (taffy laboriously rolled into little balls), and "mashed potatoes with gravy" (ice cream with caramel sauce). It looks like more work than it was. Shadow #2 was in tears assuring us that she has never liked fish sticks and why did she have to try not my best parenting moment, I told her she better try it because I worked all day on them or she would have to go to her room. Needless to say, she finally licked it and realized she was having nothing but sugar for dinner. Tears quickly dried up......

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Kate said...

That painting BETTER get juried in. It's stunning!