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Friday, April 20, 2012

Role Apprehension

I just found out today that this painting (of shadow #1) was accepted into the Springville Salon 2012. I painted this last year for my show at Terzian Gallery in Park City. I have told my girls that I will do a painting of them at age 12. They seem less than excited to sit for me for hours on end. As I was conceptualizing this, I was thinking about when I was 12. I was becoming a young woman and starting to think about my future. In our family and culture, 12 is kind of a rite of passage. The beginning of a journey of becoming an accomplished and well-rounded young woman. As I got older I had a lot of thoughts about what I wanted to become. And quite a few apprehensions of the roles I would be considering. Hence the nest and the forward gaze to her future. Some may say I'm "projecting", but hopefully this painting could mean different things to different people.


chelsea b james said...

congrats sis! i love that painting

Frances said...

Congratulations! I love that one, it's beautiful.

sammy said...

One of my favorite paintings. Congrats!