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Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer is....OVER!!!

I have to say I have mixed emotions. I love having no schedule, no stress, nowhere to be, getting nothing done... and I hate having no schedule, no structure and getting nothing done. I think I mostly thrive on the variety of the seasons, so I am appropriately totally emotionally ready for school to start on Monday and for the kids to get up early and head off to learn. While they are gone, I plan to paint A LOT and I vow to get big projects done around the house (or at least finish the 145 projects I have started) and for my brain to get back to it's normal semi-organized self. I hope to harvest much out of my late-started vegetable garden, and finally clean my car inside and out. I hope to keep the house clean, make healthy breakfasts, and come up with some great new ideas for paintings.
And my galleries will be glad to know my unplanned hiatus from painting is over, and I will get down to business starting Monday...or Tuesday. I promise. Not to mention, my psyche really needs me to get painting.


BrittanyLane said...

Amen, amen, and amen. Your new paintings are beautiful! Inspiring as always. Sorry we missed you guys at Bear Lake. Hopefully we'll visit this fall and definitely next summer!

Amy said...

Hi, my name is Amy. I have seen a bunch of your artwork at the Park City Gallery and fell in love with it. The piece I really like is Sold. It looks like the Vintage Style piece but it has the big red flower on the right side of the dress and the yellow sash. I LOVED that painting and I know it is sold and in NYC, well, that is what the gallery told us. Anyway, just interested to see if you were going to be painting any more of the dresses... I love them... and not sure if you would commission a piece for us... but I thought I would ask... hope to hear from you..

Angela Bentley Fife said...

Hi Amy. I do a lot of commissions. some similar to paintings that have already sold and sometimes for a client that has their own clothes they want to immortalize. I would be happy to do a painting for you. If you are a client of Terzian Gallery in Park City, you can contact them and they will show you all of my paintings and let me know when you have decided what you want. If you have any other questions, let me know.