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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show Paintings

'Fresh Start; Self Portrait'
16 x 20"
'Flight Opposition'
30 x 30"
'Fears Realized'
24 x 24"


Circe said...

Love the self-portrait!

amanda james said...

i love your self portrait. How did I need see this at your show?? Maybe it was because I was sidetracked by some characters that showed up. It is amazing. lucky soldier who bought it.

chelsea b james said...

your show was amazing ang! I can't believe how many paintings you did. you are a star woman!

BrittanyLane said...

These are all so amazing! I was really sad that I couldn't come down and see them in person, so I'm really glad you posted them here. Every one of them is stunning! Hope your shows were a big success.

Circe said...

Those are so beautiful! I love the 'Fears Realized!' Evie so so adorable at ballet! I'm so glad she's in the class! :)

Emily said...

really nice body of work... sounds like it was a hit!!

chelsea b james said...

i love your paintings. Among my favorites are "contended", self portrait, family portrait and the painting of mimi. Me so proud!

J BOB said...

LOVE the self portrait