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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

No painting this week. Just some framing and prepping surfaces. We went out of town, and then spring break was upon us. With all 3 'shadows' home from school, we just played and crafted all week. This is Shadow #3's newest insistence, sitting in the high chair with the baby doll for every meal. 

Happy Easter! Even Grandma got into the bunny faces and the balloon ears (is that what they are?)......PS...that is Grandma's "doll" face which she is so proud of, her best party trick, she does it all the time.


amanda james said...

oh my, amazing. please tell me mom did the paint job on grandma. dooooon't. grandma all tatted up and the doll face combo, making me homesick.

aBfife said...

Nope. I did the painting and Gran was excited when the photo shoot started. Miss you already.....-Ang

The Werlings said...

Your girls all have the most beautiful eyes!!! How are you guys doing anyway?