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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Craft Number 1

For Christmas for the Grandparents, my sister had the genius idea of buying them a tree and having the grandkids make ornaments for the tree. Every year they will add to the tree. I enjoy art craft way too much. So we made a little salt dough, sculpted it (the muses really did their own faces), ok not the baby, baked them to oblivion, then painted and sprayed them. I am actually in love with these and my kids want to do more.  Maybe I will have them do sculptures of me and the husband. They are about the size of a mini cutie orange. Seriously, baby muse was much too enjoyable for a 30-something mother of 3 to sculpt.....2nd grade anyone?


Elisa said...

Cute Ang!

chelsea b james said...

i love these because they are cool and creepy at the same time. i want to have craft time! we should creep to antropologie and steal some ideas. wanna go to art walk this month? you could bring the runts along