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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

creepy halloween craft

Don't be scared. These are our shrunken heads. Me and my 2 older muses carved these apples, then baked them all night and woke up to some seriously creepy faces. We were all laughing as we were gluing on the teeth. They are funny and scary and hanging above our kitchen table. I told the muses we could make these every year and by the time they are adults we could have hundreds of them. Do I have to take them down now that Halloween is over? Maybe they could double as Easter decorations. hmmmmm.


Andrea said...

um, yeah. Totally creepy.

chelsea b james said...

i love your bloggy! i am sitting here laughing outloud at your clever diction. we are listening to african jams in an internet shop in the ghetto. see you at thanksgiving sucka!

Dave, Danielle and Luke said...

I love it! If I had a blog award I would give it to you. I am placing you on my blog list right now. Lucky you. Hope you guys are doing well. We are STILL in med school. Jealous? -The Owen's